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Youth Commission
Contact TypeContact Information
Dartmouth Youth Advocate
Youth Commission, Town Hall, Room 118
400 Slocum Road
Dartmouth, MA 02747
(508) 910-1855
(508) 910-1893
Jennifer Cell:
(508) 951-9551
For Client Emergencies:
(508) 951-9551
Monday-Friday 8:30am - 5:30pm
Also by Appointment
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Welcome to the Dartmouth Youth Commission. This resource is intended for parents, teens and children within our community.  Visitors can learn more about our services, sign up for support groups, learn how to report suspected abuse and locate additional sources of support for themselves and other family members.

Dartmouth Youth Commission
The Dartmouth Youth Commission is a youth and family service agency that provides support, referral, counseling and resources to residents of the Town of Dartmouth. The Commission began in Dartmouth in 1968 as a collective response for the community to the growing needs of the Town's youth. The Youth Commission is comprised of seven residents who set policy and guide the work of its Youth Advocate

Mission Statement
To meet the needs of Dartmouth young people and families who are:

        1. At risk from either their own dangerous behavior, or, by the abuse of others;
        2. To provide assessment, intervention and counseling to children and teens at risk;
        3. Provide information and referral services to teens, their parents, the public, schools, police, juvenile court and other appropriate human service providers.

Youth Advocate
The Youth Advocate's role involves counseling, crisis intervention, presentations, support group faciliation, outreach and consultation with parents. The Youth Advocate typically works with children, early adolescents, and teens in office settings, home visits, and schools.

The Youth Advocate is an employee of the Town of Dartmouth. The Youth Commission sets the policies of on-going programs provided and the Select Board, through its Town Administrator, provides administrative supervision of the Youth Advocate.

Our agency does not provide psychotherapy in either individual or group settings.

The Youth Advocate is available to meet with young people on an individual basis. The Youth Advocate's involvement with young people may be for brief intervention or last over an extended period of time. While the Youth Advocate is prepared to meet with young people in crisis, extended services are provided to Dartmouth residents only.

It is the policy of the Dartmouth Youth Commission and the professional practice of the Youth Advocate, that all names and related information are kept strictly confidential. Only the Youth Advocate has access to client names and private information. Student interns and other volunteers who assist with various programs are also required to abide by a signed statement of confidentiality. Our motto in both individual and group work is..."Whom You See Here, What You Hear Here, When You Leave Here, Let It Stay Here".

Town of Dartmouth, 400 Slocum Road, Dartmouth, MA 02747
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